August 29, 2007

Change is in the Air

I look at the calendar and I know that autumn begins officially on September 22. Maybe it's because I live in California, where we supposedly "don't have seasons", but the start of school always gives me pause. I'd rather have a more noticeable change in season by measuring the percent color on the trees.

Kids went back to public school this week. I knew it was coming because my Sunday newspaper got thicker about the end of July with all the back to school ads. An entire economy markets to this and the community rallies, except for me. Purple WomenTM are invisible this time of year. It's a little known fact.

What are the true seasons of my childfree life? Will I mark them with my first gray hair as I marked turning 40 by "going short"? The passing of a loved one? Buying a home and choosing a community to finally settle down in? Starting a business?

Ever since I was a child I have always asked myself, "what difference will I make?" That question holds more weight for me, and it is how I will mark my seasons, indeed my very existence. It will not be measured by the pitter-patter of someone else's feet. I will walk there on my own. Well, maybe I'll be riding a horse, or paddling my kayak!

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Anita_D said...

Sometimes you take the words out of my mouth. I've been feeling the same way as I read my many friends' blogs about their children with new books, new pencils, pens, clothes and teachers. It all just makes me realise how different my life is and how different my seasons are. Still happy to be child free.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog for a few days now. Your comment about the back-to-school ads brought to mind a couple of weeks ago. I don't know about the rest of the country, but in Texas there was a "no sales tax" day that is supposed to encourage consumerism (there's too much of it already, IMO) and to also "help" parents with buying new clothing for their kids. Since they already spend so much. slash whine. Anyway.. the no sales tax is across the board for clothes. (I don't know if it is for other items.) Anyway, all clothing had no sales tax and many stores where having specials. Knowing I would have to deal with kids (that I don't care too much for) I braced myself and went to the mall to take advantage of the no sales tax sales. I lucked out in that my timing was such that I was shopping during the regular dinner hours. Totally unplanned by me regarding that. So it was relatively quiet, I found some great sales, lucked out with some unexpected coupons, and I didn't have to pay any sales tax! I managed to find something that was really geared towards parents and take advantage of it. :) BTW, you have a great blog. Thank you for it.

mother_of_none said...

Yay! I just found this blog and I am so excited! It has taken me so long to find a community of intelligent women, proudly and contentedly childfree. I too am amazed at how kid-centric life can be for people in their 30s - people in my professional and personal lives. How many conversations have I endured about back-to-school, daycare woes, soccer/ballet/piano, etc.? Why do people not realize that more than 5 minutes of that is b-o-r-i-n-g? That what their child said to them last night is meaningful and special to them but to some others might seem a little narcissistic as a topic of conversation? I am trying to think of creative and humorous ways to leave such conversations...

LauraS said...

I once said that sometimes as a childfree woman I have felt the need to "justify my existance." Part of that is an observation that some endeavors are more valued in the world than others.

I, too, hope to make a difference and enjoy finding opportunities to do so, but then I encounter people who by their very existance and they way they move in the world teach and inspire me. Most people will go through life never knowing just how they made a difference but they do.

Teri said...

We have had a lot of new people sign up to receive this blog via their email (FeedBlitz button in the sidebar). I need to take a look at our syndication and see if something is up. I'll report on the front page.

I am grateful for your comments all of you!

Teaching is certainly one of the all-time most honored professions, lately I've been wondering if that includes substitute teachers? I have not had my first assignment yet this year, but I've had two calls already and it's only the first week of school!