July 13, 2007

Meet LynnS

Lynn S is out newest guest contributor. She's from Ireland, she's thirty-something, and is owned by a samoyed. When she's not working in the health care field, she enjoys reading, writing, shopping, yoga, and ensuring that her owner is kept in the style he's accustomed to. She's looking forward to posting and is always pleased to meet other Purple Women™

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LauraS said...

Welcome Lynn!
Great to have some international perspective here at the Purple Women blog. Cute "owner" and yes, he does look well tended.

Lynn said...

Thanks Laura S!

Interestingly, I have noticed that Purple Women tend to get the same reactions where ever they live. . .

joy said...

It's great to find someone who's crazy about dogs like I am! I'm owned by my babies, too - and they're like mini-samoyeds. Myko and Thaea and Japanese Spitzes.

I love that this is called Purple Women and Friends. Purple to me symbolizes a woman's strength (blue) and passion (red).

The Goddess In You

GottabeMe said...

Hi Lynn! Do you have your own blog? Your Sammie is gorgeous! I love northern breeds, I have a Husky and volunteer for a norther breed dog rescue.

Lynn said...

Hi Joy - I agree that they own you lol. Japanese Spitzes are so cute.

Hi gottabeme - I don't have my own blog. thanks for the kind words - my sammie celebrated his 3rd birthday recently - and I'm still counting the cost lol. I love northern breeds too.
Huskies rock!