March 18, 2008

PW in Costa Rica

Purple WomenTM travel. They don't have to wait for spring break or summer vacation. They can go to Costa Rica during the peak season (now ending). If you go "high-end", you are almost assured a kid-free experience. We tend to avoid places that advertise themselves as "family-friendly", not that I mind a little interaction with the younger set now and again.

Thanks to LauraS for putting up the posts while my husband and I were commemorating out 10th anniversary of marriage in this tropical locale. I highly recommend Costa Rica, as many of our friends did for us. Whether your high is zip-lining, sport fishing or birding or just sunning yourself by the pool and sampling the local cuisine, you will appreciate the jungle remoteness with all the amenities. One night a baby boa constrictor landed on a tree branch in full view of our dinner table, close enough that we got pictures!

Costa Rica has one of the most stable economies in all of South America. They have a thriving middle class, and the government subsidizes their tourism industry by offering mandatory standardized training in preparation for this field. English is compulsory at the high school level, so it is really up to individual if they really want to learn. We were vacationing right alongside Costa Ricans. They are wealthy enough to enjoy their own tourist offerings.

When I thought it was all over, (life is just one big adventure, eh?) and we were just killing time at the San Jose Airport, I saw this pin exchange display offered by a bank along with their money exchange service. I traded a Purple Women
TM button for a Costa Rica one. What fun!

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LauraS said...

Teri--welcome back. Sounds like a terrific place to celebrate and enjoy each other and the beautiful surroundings. Costa Rica is on our list of places to go. My cousin spent a couple weeks vacation in Costa Rica and is now planning to retire there.

Steve & Stepher said...

How wonderful! It sounds a if you had a terrific time. My husband and I considered Costa Rica for next month's vacation but then we were given free accommodations in Acapulco, so we couldn't turn those down.

We'll get there some day...

Welcome back!

Shannon said...

Hubby and I once made the mistake of going on a "smoke-free" cruise. Didn't think it through... Smoke free aka kids-galore :(

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