October 28, 2005

Purple Women Koan

What is the question?
That is the answer.
The question I ask is,
What lies in between
Career Women and Mothers?
I propose there are Purple Women™.


andrea said...

I won't be participating as I'm not a purple woman, but just wanted to point out that I went to a Christmas party a couple of years ago where most of the people there were heterosexual couples in their thirties and forties. My husband and I were the only people there who actually *had* children! It was quite a surprise, even though almost all my friends from my youth are childless by choice. In conclusion I guess I'm a purple woman in reverse within my own particular demographic (early 40s, urban, educated, professional, west coast).

Anonymous said...

I wish you all well. I am not a purple women I have two kids and am definitely not a career woman.

Anonymous said...

Andrea, thanks for sharing your story. I think it will be helpful if from time to time we have visitors from women who have chosen to be mothers. It's really about choices in a way. Realizing we have a choice, and/or recognizing a choice we have made is some cases.

Anonymous, really appreciate your well wishes. Many thanks and please check back so you can weigh in on some of our dialogues from the Mom's perspective!

To everyone, please tell your Purple Women friends about us and "Blog on"!

AthenaMarina said...
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AthenaMarina said...

I AM a Purple Woman!
I am NOT a career woman AND I am not a mom!
It's reassuring to see that I don't have to be one or the other!
I do work full time but have no aspirations to work longer than to 40 to 44 hours a week I currently work!
Some women are career women AND moms and while I admire them for that, it sounds way too exhausting for me!
Anyway, Happy New Year to all career women, moms, career women who are also moms and Purple Women!!

AthenaMarina said...

AARGH typo! I said longer than to 40 to 44 hours you KNOW I meant longer than THE 40 to 44 hours