November 01, 2005

Why Purple?

When I saw this restaurant sign on Yonge Street in North York, I knew the name of my project. It made me so curious, I knew I would have to try it. It is thrilling to create something new, and the domain name for Purple WomenTM was not taken, so boldly I move forward to define it.

Purple WomenTM is a website and team blog as well as an independent study and a book in progress -- in that order. I figure if folks have the same reaction to my project and book, well, that would be super. The online study will be launched in January. That will give us a couple of months to get bloggy with it and develope a voice, some participation and anticipation!

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Anonymous said...

It's great to see this great website. You know I had an experience recently that I wanted to mention just for interest sake. I am childfree by choice, never wanted children at all, but became pregnant last year. I was horrified, terrified, panicked as the thought of having children never had been in my mind and i'm well into my 30s! I lost the child and I was utterly devasted. It's hard to explain but a kind of instinct kicked in during my pregnancy although I hated being pregnant and I was so upset when the child died and was lost, I grieved as much as someone who had planned for a baby for years must feel. I felt desperate afterwards to get pregnant again but
after a short time went back to not wanting children at all, not thinking about them or feeling lost because I don't have a child... yet I think about that baby that I lost every day. I find it a strange series of contradictions that I don't fully understand but I feel that possibly the maternal instinct is related to hormone levels or something, I just dont know! anyway I just wondered if anyone else had had this experience.