December 18, 2005

Baby Not On Board

Need a Last Minute Gift Idea?
I found this book by Jennifer L. Shawne in a neat little store (there are so many unique shopping neighborhoods in Toronto!) on Queen Street West. The title really caught my eye. This is a humorous take on the childfree lifestyle. Consider it for the Purple Woman in your life (one for yourself possibly?)

In particular, I liked the quiz on whether or not you are ready announce your decision to be without child on page 12. I scored a 19:

"You're clearly ready to become an unparent. Make preparations to let everybody know. Start dropping hints, and in a couple of weeks share the big news!"

The illustrations by Anoushka Matus are precious and would make even parents LOL! The food groups pyramids were particularly amusing and I loved the novel idea to hold an unbaby shower.

Personally, I have resolved never to go to a baby shower again -- of course rules are made to be broken. I organized one for my friend in Seal Beach, Calif. before I moved to Toronto.

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Anonymous said...

Bella Online's Married No Kids editor recently inteviewed author Jennifer Shawne:

Jeffiner Shawne also has a blog which is devoted to selling her book. You go girl!