February 15, 2006

Hiatus & Childfree Book Review

Creator/Founder/Researcher/and future Author of Purple WomenTM -- Teri Tith -- is taking a one week break. Blog on!

See the comments for NikkiJ's book review on Childfree and Loving It!


NikkiJ said...

I have quite a few books in my childfree libary. I've just added a new one which I highly reccommend to childfree ladies and gents, and in fact people with children would benefit from it too. It's called "Childfree and loving it" by Nicky Defago and it is excellent! Nicky Defago is a journalist and she's written for magazines' like Red, She and Eve. She's married and child free, and is also British, which for me is great - as a Brit living in Canada it's nice to hear the views around this issue from the UK. Lots of similarities with North America and lots that was familiar to me too. She really does get it - no suprise there. People who took part in the interview are from all over the world. The other great thing about the book is how current it is...it was published in 2005. Many of the previous books I've read were written in the late 90's or even earlier. Anyway I'm partway through reading it and it's hard to put down, very uplifting given the hostility towards people who have chosen not to have children. Well worth a read. I'm likely to post any interesting issues for discussion that may arise as I go through it.

It also mentions Canada's No Kidding! as one of the social groups for childfree people, with a link.
I ordered the book from Amazon.com because I could get it in less than a week, didn't want to wait a month which was the time I'd have to wait if ordering it from amazon.ca.

Anonymous said...

I've seen the front cover of this book, it really stands out in the childfree genre. Thanks for the recommendation. I have noticed that not a lot of time is spent updating the childfree reading lists that are online, but I like to keep them in the sidebar.

Interesting that you mention Amazon because I just added a button to the sidebar in case people want to order a book based on a review here. I have created a section for PW in Books to focus on our reviews. I wish this were its own blog post, not sure I can link to a specific comment. My intention is not to make this sight commercial, just focused and enlightened.

I respect the effort the author made to gather data before publishing, as I a doing with the PW online survey.

ChrisR said...

I got Childfree and Loving It last year and can highly recommend it. I think it's very good on the 'why does every pick on me' aspect of being childfree. It's not too heavy-handed either, there's a fair bit of humour and understanding in it.

I gave it to a great mate for her 30th in January and she was chuffed to bits. Especially as she's no longer single - she finally found a good childfree guy!

Anonymous said...

"chuffed to bits"...that's so cute! I have to know where you're from to have a saying like that. May I ask where you are blogging from Chris?

ChrisR said...

I guess everyone else is progressively outing themselves, so it must be my turn. I'm an Aussie chick - should I put 'the token' in front of that?

However, not all Aussies are going to use words that I do, I come from a bit of a language-obsessed household!