July 17, 2007

Miss Bloggy Pants

That's what my husband dubbed me when I first discovered blogging. A few months later, I created this blog and the concept of Purple WomenTM. I was planning to write a book. Now this blog fits the bill.

Truth is, forums never appealed to me. Too much "noise" and off-topic or negative banter for my taste, plus, I thought that blogs were nicer to look at. I try to blog well. I take liberties with humour and punctuation, as my proofreader (and I do need one) will vouch for. Sometimes it works; sometimes if doesn't.

One of the things I appreciate most about blogging is the ability to connect with others, to discover a new line of thinking. You can take this discovery a step farther by joining the debate or leaving a comment, and the highest form of flattery is to be "linked to". It's generous and risky. There's always a chance that a reader will click away without reading every single post on your front page, but I say, let the journey continue. Offering links that are related is a kind of service, or recommendation. It increases the search engine ranking of the link recipient's site. Pretty cool huh?

I was catching up on a rather well-written blog in the childfree genre this morning. I like the tone of the writing, but dislike that it is a strictly commercial blog, written by the author of a humor book in the same genre. It's probably in her publishing contract to continue writing the blog so as to sell more books. All the links in her sidebar have to do with how to buy her book, no other external links. I think that's a shame. I link to her blog anyway because she does a really good job on a topic that needs more exposure. I will decline to give her another plug here, but she did inspire my next post on the topic of...

...children in restaurants and how much we childfree like to complain about it.
I'd like to take a moment to all the people who have linked to this blog or told someone about it. I was surprised recently to find that our logo image was featured in AnitaD's sidebar! Feel free to do the same. (Just right click and save it to your hard-drive, then place it in your sidebar.) Wear it with pride, and if you would like to have the image on an actual button, send me an email with your address. It's almost time to reorder.

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AnitaD said...

I do wear the Purple Women badge with pride. It's also an easy way of saying..."Yep...we don't plan to have any children and we are happy with our decision and there are other people out there just like me". It also does it in a way that's "not in your face" and if someone is curious to know what Purple Women mean...all they have to do is click on it.

I'm really feeling the need to start a group in my area here in Southern England for couples who choose to be child free. One of your regular contributors has started a Bible Study group for one and that had me thinking when I read about it. So, please pray that I'll be able to connect with other like minded people in my area.

Teri said...

Try www.NoKidding.net. NO Kidding is the international social club for childfree adults, single or coupled. Also, try www.MeetUp.com.

Praying is good too!