September 14, 2007

Purple Fridays

Purple WomenTM are discovering this blog all the time. I am excited to announce that our subscription offer just got sweeter. Did you know that you can have the latest posts sent to your email box directly? Yes, it will arrive in your In Box once a week on Fridays. Something to look forward to at the end of the week!

I would also like to encourage you to forward our content to all your childfree friends. There will be a button making it easy to do this in the weekly feed. The formatting will be a little different as Feedblitz has offered publishers like me some new bells and whistles.

If you wish so continue subscribing, please remember to:

  • Add to your address books or email whitelists immediately.
  • Only unsubscribe using the links provide in each Feedblitz email; please do not use your ISP's spam or abuse button.
  • Heads up for a message from FeedBlitz advising you that a change has taken place regarding your Purple Women & Friends subscription.
I have added a chicklet just under the sign up form in the sidebar, so you can watch our community grow. We get a regular readership of approximately 1,000 unique visitors per week. As you can see, not everyone takes advantage of the free subscription feature!

In addition to being a Purple Woman, I am also known in my family as Miss BloggyPants. So this may be more exciting news for me as the owner and a Contributing Editor of this blog!

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Angry Grrl said...

Are the buttons in the picture available for sale? I'd love one! Not only am I childfree, purple is my favorite color (and has been for many many years). :)

Anonymous said...

Anyone who trusts me enough to send me their mailing address can have free one, until supplies run out. Wear it with pride!

Go to my profile to find it.

Thanks for askin'!