September 08, 2007

Purple Man at Lunch

I grossed myself out this week and opted for a "quick" hot dog at Costco for lunch. I only had a half hour allotted and it was the closest solution. It didn't end up being quick at all as this lunch venue is so popular, I spent almost 10 minutes just standing in line to spend $1.50 on the dog.

What took even longer was the interesting man, let's call him Steve, that sat down next to me. He just didn't belong. I thought he looked a little bookish and out of place, bespectacled and all. Trim physique. Plus, he had come prepared with a hard cover book and a New Yorker.
As it turns out he was a Purple Man.

After clearing him for landing in the bench zone next to me, my first question to him was, "Are you a writer and are you from New York?" In my experience those from the East really give it up to the Big Apple and consider it the center of culture in the U.S. I think they should all be required to visit Venice Beach, California in order to reconsider their position.

He was a scientist and from the East Coast indeed. He was there getting a flat tire fixed. It was a jaunty conversation, well worth the trip to Costco, and not at all what I was expecting. I wanted to know his whole story, but men don't need or want to articulate about being childfree like we women-folk do. He readily agreed we get all the pressure and men simply fly below the radar. I gave him my Purple WomenTM business card and sincerely hope that he writes us a Guest Post sometime -- or at least leaves us a comment!

Purple Men are out there. Sometimes I wish they would speak out more and help alleviate the double-standard that seems to exist. Their silence is not supportive of the women they love.

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Anita D said...

I happen to be married to one of the best Purple Men out there. He doesn't feel the need to visit this site like I do. He said he doesn't like sports either but he doesn't feel the need to visit a "Don't do Sports by choice" website either.
He just doesn't feel the pressure I do and therefore doesn't need the support I do.

Tanya said...

I'm married to another very Purple Man and he, like many of the other Purple Men, does not get the flack that I do about being purple.

This summer, when things with my parents hit the fan, my dad asked me why I did not want kids. My husband piped up that HE is possibly more against kids than I am (not,not true, honey, but thanks) and that it is a choice we made as a couple.

On the whole, it seems perfectly normal for men to not want to have kids where as it is meant to be the norm for women, as the carriers of said children.