December 22, 2007

Another Tip on How to Survive the Question

c H/H&C Coffee I L D
F R E glowing E Caution!
I always love it when someone new discovers our blog. A new Purple WomenTM reader blogging as Longing for Home has left a new comment on our post titled "Top Ten Tips":
I know this is an old post but I just found your site...I'd love to use this response, but I doubt my sarcasm would be appreciated:

"We're planning on starting on kids when the padded, sound-proofed nursery is ready and we've finished interviewing nannies. Do you have any leads?"
Thanks for sharing. This is L.O.L.!

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Dena Celeste said...

*grins* Okay, that was cute. I love that!

As someone who found this blog in the last week, it's...a comfort, honestly, to know I'm not alone, in the broader world, in not wanting to have children.

Thanks for an awesome blog!


Anonymous said...

I second that thanks -- you have a great blog, and as Dena said, it's a comfort to know there are other women out there who aren't interested in having children.

Happy Holidays, and keep up the wonderful blogging! :)

I'm Purple and proud! :)

Dana said...

Yep me too - just found it a couple weeks ago, and I don't even remember how! I have it bookmarked and check back often. Trying to comment as much as I can too.

Anonymous said...

Hey Gals, welcome to our childfree space in the blogosphere. We look forward to continuing the dialogue with you.

I will add that from time to time, we like to feature Guests Posts. It can be very refreshing to hear a new voice on the front page.

Keeping up with fresh content is one of the biggest challenges in blogging and blogging well. If anyone has a story idea of the childfree variety, please get in touch with Teri, your fearless Purple leader and founder of this blog.

Woo hoo -- we are going in to our third year!