December 05, 2007

PW Button Links

Here are some Purple WomenTM buttons (they should also be links) to wear on your own blogs as promised. My favorite is the one with the catty sunglasses as I think it is easiest to read, but I didn't see any reason not to offer all three.

BTW, how are you doing in your holiday planning? What's your strategy? Family, friends, parties?

Are you armed with some good come backs when you get asked The Question? If you are planning to go to an office holiday party or other such affair unarmed, I suggest you read this post first:

Cheers & Happy Holidays,

Teri Tith
Creator & Contributing Editor
Purple Women & Friends
(where the childfree women are)

I will send you the GIF file for the images above if you send me an email.

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1 comment:

Anita said...

I somehow can't figure out how to add the button on my blog as a link button. Can anyone help?