November 13, 2005

Penguins and Childrearing

By now, almost everybody has either seen or heard of "March of the Penguins," a stunning documentary which takes an intimate look at what Emperor Penguins go through to procreate.

I saw this movie with my niece and nephew in tow so their moms could shop the toney Yorkville district in Toronto. The people behind me had a good snicker when during the scene in the movie where the actual deed of fertilization took place -- larger than life on screen -- my precious niece asked loudly "What are they doing?" Purple WomenTM will appreciate my answer: "Go ask your mother"!

One could make the case for what a bunch of trouble it is to raise kids, using penguins as proof, but I rather agree with Mr. Emerson's opinion on some of the parallels that people have drawn about this movie in his post on the movie review blog
Queer, Unfaithful Penguins for Jesus


AthenaMarina said...

An interesting and amusing article!
Gee, SOME people, huh?!
The penguins are just doing what penguins do!
And ooh ah yes they ARE super cute!!

Toots said...

Wow, you are breaking all the blogger stereotypes/molds by reading old blogposts and actually commenting on them.

My bloggy friend Yellow Jacket posts such very long blog posts I hardly ever read him any more, even though he is an entertaining man. He often blogs about blogging as he has been doing it since blogs became available to the publich for next to nothing. He thinks no one reads posts older than 36 hours. Maybe that's true for him.

When I do visit his blog, I scan quickly to see what I have missed and often scroll down the whole page. Usually an images catches my eye first, then I start reading. I think that rule of thumb is true whether it's a brochure or a website!

The article IS amusing isn't it. The religious right will try anything to make their case appeal to the masses me the December Metro Times Detroit article about "childfree vs. child-haters" points out Mary was the epitome of a role model for women -- a mother. What does that make the rest of us? Blog whores maybe?