August 30, 2006

Culture and the Purple Woman

Now there’s a catchy title. There are such negative, loaded words that have been used to describe women without children: sterile, barren, cursed, unfit, frigid, etc.

I read a story of about an Indian woman’s experience of being childfree by choice in her culture. Indian culture calls childbirth an "issue”. So people were always asking her, “Any issue?” Apparently, this woman’s decision, her choice not to have a child, met much resistance.

I have often wondered what the Quran has to say about the subject of the child-bearing. The closest I've come to an answer is this BBC reference article about Islam's view on contraception. From my Western viewpoint, Islam seems to be very confused about women, their value and their purpose. The world has changed so much since it was translated by their prophet.

Christian and childfree has been explored here. Catholic-based cultures, especially Latina really promote the family and assume a duty to raise children. Where else would future believers come from?

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Nea said...

I guess for many it is just a choice, but for a woman who wants them and can't have them, it is a heartache......

Dr. John sent me over....

Anonymous said...

Nea - Well said. I have been that person too, and I did not want to stay in that mindset.

What is amazing about Purple Women is that they come to this place for all different reasons. Even women who are step-parents identify with being childfree. As women, regardless of our choices in life, we all want to and can lead happy fulfilled lives.

I made a conscious decision to embraced being childfree. I have studied it and my journey continues. I could have adopted. I could have married a man who needed a mother for his children. These are all choices that were available to me.

Now, I don't feel like I need to have children in my life to lead a full one. I do believe in being connected to other people, being a part of a community, and I am already a valued member of a much larger family.

Thanks for your comment.