August 03, 2006

A Permanent Solution: Part 1

Among my circle of childfree friends and acquaintances, the topic of a permanent solution for birth control has come up more than once. The pill is only so effective, not a 100% solution, and let’s face it, you are messing with your hormones - you’ll probably have to eat organic at some point.

One resourceful woman was having such difficulty finding a doctor to perform sterilization; she approached the leader of our local
No Kidding social club for help. The chapter president assisted her by posting her request for help and information, specifically referral to a doctor, anonymously. I believe she did find a medical professional that was willing to perform the elective surgery.

Our location is
Toronto, Ontario, Canada, a decidedly modern, fast-forward paced city of 2.48 million people from all over the world. Another friend shared that she had no trouble getting the procedure done. Her doctor was very clear in confirming the permanence of the decision she was making, but she allowed her to make it. Under the Canadian system, the cost was quite reasonable, but she was told firmly in advance should she wish a reversal in the future, that procedure was more than triple the cost and there was no guarantee of being able to bear a child.

The woman in the previous story had been turned down more than once and was getting desperate. This is not an uncommon experience, apparently for Canadians and Americans alike. The details of her story, her age, and her circumstances remain private.

Why was she having so much trouble? Well, possibly because of her age and her marital status. I wonder how it is in other parts of the world?

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Logical guy said...

I cannot comment on female sterilisation but for a single male, at age 34, getting a vasectomy was pretty easy. Ok, I was older than a lot of childfree people who might want the operation, but that's my experience. That's in New Zealand, where vasectomies are common.

Anonymous said...

Hi Logical Guy - Well, that's very interesting. I wonder if we've uncovered a double-standard or just a cultural difference kiwi vs. North American? Hard to tell without further digging!

Logical guy said...

Teri, New Zealand has the highest vasectomy rate in the world, so that may have something to do with it (why does it have the highest rate? Someone has to be highest. Also, there are countries in Eastern Europe where withdrawal is the most common method, so there is a wide spectrum of methods). While I was reading up on Essure, I found out that in the UK, it is easy to obtain a female sterilisation if you are over 25. Under 25 requires "counselling". Of course, that is what I read. Reality might be something completely different.