August 21, 2006

Project Update: What's Next?

September will be the one-year anniversary of this site. I’ve been asking myself “What’s next, what is it that I want to accomplish?”

I propose the following goals and action items for Purple Women& Friends as we move forward:

Goal #1 Accurate portrayals of what it is to be childfree in popular media and the news.

Action item(s): Reviews on books (fiction and nonfiction) and movies and media coverage about the childfree; possible letter writing/email campaign to producers and studios. Develop capability and a network of media-ready, interview candidates who are childfree people, starting with me.

Goal #2 Inclusion of the childfree in women-centric circles and related political discussions. Let’s not raise our voices, let’s project and participate. Become a “mentionable” resource for journalists and editors.

Action item(s): Connect to other women-centric bloggers and websites, and other childfree websites that are on the level and professionally presented. Publish a book and continue to build a readership for the blog. Blog well and often.

Goal #3 Represent diversity in voice and perspective among the childfree.

Action item(s): Encourage Guest Contributors, including men and parents who are interested in writing on our topic; recruit blog team members (regular Contributors) from readership and Guest Contributors. Research what’s happening in headlines globally and report on the trends, BBC, CBC, Australia and mainland Europe, the blogosphere in general.

Goal #4 Fun and Factual. It’s a delicate balance between informative and entertaining, and I am open to your ideas on how to do it better.

Action item(s): Please
email Teri with your ideas. Tell me what topics and types of posts you liked best and what you’d like to see more of.

By all means, tell me if you’re interested in contributing an article from your own unique perspective!

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