October 23, 2006

Childfree eZine - Finally!

And they have opted to use the unhyphenated version of our popular descriptive term (childfree, not child-free) - yeah!

Purple WomenTM & Friends will be most interested to learn that this new online magazine (that's what ezine means) is called...

Unscripted: The Childfree Life

Yo, check it!

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Anonymous said...

I *found* this eZine yesterday! As an African-American woman, the article *Childfree Minorities: Breaking a Mold* really struck a cord with me regarding the childfree life choice and the lack of acceptance within the black community. I thought the article was well written and expressed many of the views that have been communicated to me regarding my life choice.

alpahgirl said...

I appreciated how they addressed the cultural issues and the religious issues as well. =)

I don't claim any religious affiliation by any means, but several CF friends who actively practice their faith have felt hamstrung by their churches' "go forth and breed" mentatlity.

The cultural perspective is long overdue; being of mixed ancestry, I can see how each of my respective cultures view childbearing and childfreedom. It's not pretty.

Anonymous said...

On the cultural religious thing I have to add something I've found. I came back from being in Egypt with my husband's Muslim family and I expected LOTS of questions about "when are we having kids?" I mean EVERYONE we visited had them! I think we were asked by one person that's all and when my husband said he didn't want them they were fine about it! And yet back in London I get asked a lot more! Hmm?! We loved seeing our nephew and neice (twins, 11 months approx, super cute.) BUT we just DIDN'T love HEARING them cry at night a coupld of times when we were trying to sleep. And one day when one of them was crying my husband said "I wish they would be quiet" and said to me the Arabic for "Thank God" and then looked at me and said, "You understand?" What he was saying was "Thank God WE don't have any!!!" Yep, I am pleasantly surprised to find hubby is not just a doesn't mind either way but actually definately a childfree man in his OWN right!

Anonymous said...

P.S. LOVE the magazine! Can't wait for their next issue!