October 21, 2006

Survey Says

Hey gals and guys of the purple persuasion, here's a chance to speak up and speak out about your childfree experiences. A woman who is a doctoral student in the Cultural Studies department at Claremount Graduate University (located in the hills of Oakland, Calif.) contacted me and asked for help distributing her survey.

I took it this morning and it is obvious that she has put a lot of thought into it. She'll be presenting the results and her paper at a conference in December. Pretty cool, huh?

Here's a link to her survey comparing attitudes of parent's and non-parents on the subject of, you guessed, childfree. You can give her your email to view the results directly and remain anonymous.

Survey closes October 31 (Halloween).

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marie.stein@cgu.edu said...

Thank you Teri for posting the link -- and thank you to your readers & contributors for responding, with thoughtful and interesting comments. I now have over 100 responses -- and there's still about a week to go before it's over, so, I'm looking very much forward to seeing what happens!! Will keep you posted, and may add a comment or two before then...