October 08, 2006

Married No Kids

If you haven't gone over every link in our sidebar with a fine-toothed comb, you may have missed another great online gathering place for...you guessed it...married no kids types. Kim Kenney is the Married No Kids column editor at Bella Online, another women-centric site and a community of childfree adults online.

She has been doing it a bit longer, and she sets a great example of how to elevate the conversation.

At Purple Women & Friends we also try to maintain a...

"place where we can all feel accepted for our decision and explore what the child free childfree lifestyle means to us, not a place of negativity like so many other child free childfree sites can be."
I subscribe to Married No Kids.

[Note: For an explanation on why childfree should be one word, visit this archived post (tee, hee)!]

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