November 09, 2007

Purple in the Military

Purple WomenTM,
This message is forwarded by one of No Kidding's Official Spokespeople, Vincent Ciaccio:

A journalist from Military Spouse Magazine is looking to interview childfree military couples for a piece she is writing. If you know anyone fitting this description and they are interested, please ask them to contact the reporter directly. Her message is below.

I found your organization through a military spouse blog forum and I would like to ask you about military couples in your chapters who choose not to have children for an article in Military Spouse Magazine.
Monique Rizer
I will post a link if there is an online version. I hope she gets a handful of people to talk to because it sounds like an interesting story: service, not selfish.

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Phoena said...

The military climate is NOT friendly to the childfree lifestyle, so I seriously wouldn't recommend using your real name or unit if any of your readers agree to the interview. But then, they probably already know that.