November 11, 2007

Steal This

Purple WomenTM I cannot figure out how to make the code to have this button link to our blog. Not much time to fiddle with HTML these days.
Feel free to wear this badge of honor in your own sidebar! (Just right click and save as a JPG file, then upload according to your blog hosting instructions as you would any other image.)

Update to post: I asked for help from Annie at BlogU, and she sent me the proper code, as below:

The identical-looking button (the lower one) actually links to this blog's home page! If you'd like the HTML to use this on your own site, just send me an email. I plan to turn this into a bonafide PW Blogroll as we go boldly go into our third year of this team blog. Now, who can help me write the javascript?

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Angry Grrl said...

I would love the html for the button. :)

Angry Grrl said...

Never mind, I got it. :)

Anonymous said...

I am impressed you figured it out...want to tell the others?

I am planning to send a batch of code in the morning to those who have contacted me directly.


Angry Grrl said...

It was kind of a PITA, but I did a "view source" on the main Purple Women page and scrolled until I found the HTML for the button.

I've tried pasting it into a comment here but Blogger won't let me...