November 17, 2007

Purple Women Count Every Day

Thank you my fellow Purple Sistahs for your generous comments (they truly are gifts!), and for your willingness to take on our proposed topic on your own blogs. This is just one topic of many that we face. This is a good beginning.

Let's do this again, with a different topic in January. My thanks to Tanya for a clever work-around to share the button link graphic code on the front page here:

< target="_blank" href="" title="Purple Women & Friends Blogroll">
< border="0" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5131592579227145730" alt="" src="">< /a>< style="color: rgb(51, 0, 51);" width="80" height="15">< language="javascript" src="YOUR BLOGROLL URL" type="text/javascript">< /script >< /span >

[Instructions: Just cut and paste, and to make the HTML magic happen you must remove the spaces in next to these < > brackets. Removing the spaces in this string of code will fix it and allow it to appear properly in your sidebar!
When I have the PW Blogroll of Honor ready to go, we will simply insert the URL where it says "YOUR BLOGROLL URL". Ta da!]

I really hope this works, or I will not be able to keep up with the activity, our very own PW movement!
Please consider attending BlogHer's 4th Annual Conference in summer 2008, which happens to fall on my birthday. Meeting you in person would be the best present ever! I have been encouraged by BlogHer to coordinate a panel on childfree women bloggers. The brave women who join me up there will need your support from the audience. We have an opportunity to carve our own niche. You have already helped by putting up your posts for Purple Women Count Day.

To M's point, we have more in common with these women than not, (blog hoes?), and there is much to be learned by coming together and finding the common ground. When I attended in 2006, I came away with a profound respect for the women I met. It was a high level of exchange.

I have posted on the topic of childfree women identifying themselves on BlogHer's site. Please take a peek, Childfree Women Bloggers, and leave a comment there, so the women on their board know we are out here. Heck, there may be an invisible Purple Woman or two in their midst!

Purple WomenTM,
let us no longer be invisible, whether online or in our families, social circles or communities.

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CFT said...

BAH! I can't get the HTML code to work, but I might be putting it in the wrong blogger spot.]

Can you email it to me?

Denise said...

I twittered this post, hoping to help spread the word.

M said...


I'm interested in possibly joining you on that panel. Let's talk more by email perhaps about what you might have in mind for the session?


(I haven't commented on your post there bc I was too lazy to sign in. Will try to get to it though for sure.)

CFT said...

This works:

[a href="" title="Purple Women & Friends Blogroll"] [img src=""] [/a]

Replace the [ ] with < > and post.

Angry Grrl said...

And yet they're still telling us to shoehorn ourselves into the "Mommy" section. I made a BlogHer account just so I could say "You know, I'm *really* not comfortable with that..."

Pamela Jeanne said...

Thanks for your panel yesterday. Wished we'd had a third the number of women in ours...sigh. I referenced some of the discussions we had in your session in mine. Best, Pamela (aka the NYT coming out childless commentor)