February 17, 2008

Family Friendly

As a Purple Woman, (hint: I am childfree) I consider myself both kid friendly and family friendly. The term family-friendly has been used is a synonym for kid-friendly. Have you noticed?

I just had to jot this funny down and share it with you. As my husband and I were traveling up north to go camping overnight, we passed a billboard sign that claimed a certain venue was the most "family-friendly" of it's kind. My husband, said "Well, I guess we don't need to stay there."

It sure isn't the way to target market to the childfree among us now is it? We are the ones that tend to travel in the less busy times, not during Spring Break for example. And, we don't have to wait for summer to plan our week-long holiday. Call it a perk.

Purple WomenTM will also appreciate the latest article by Married No Kids editor Kim Kenney, Kids at Concerts. Tell it like it is girl!

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LauraS said...

I think we need to recognize a family of two is a family.

However, if my family-friendly hotel limits its "family" offerings to a chlorine-laden pool and chicken fingers and fries on the menu, I might choose to pass by and pitch a tent in the woods, too.

Robin said...

I think they should change it to "kid friendly" because my husband and I are a family even though we don't have kids.