February 28, 2008

Housekeeping and Guest Contributors

Purple WomenTM, I want to remind you that this Blog Mistress is always looking for new voices. Would you like to contribute your story or opinion? If you have a story idea on our topic of discussion, please send Teri an email so we can collaborate to get your words on the "top of page". I often feel that the comments are as interesting as the post itself. In the blogosphere, it's all about the dialogue after all!

I tend to write "first person" shorter posts, but your Guest Post can be any length. About 500-words is a good target, but it's okay if it's longer. I will help you put up some great art, courtesy Flickr Photos and Creative Commons copyright for the Internet age. All of our Regular Contributors started as Guest Contributors.

Good blogs have good content and I ask for your help to keep this unique site a quality site.
On a personal note, I am happy to report that to celebrate 10 years of marriage, my husband and I will be in sunny Costa Rica for 10 days. We have vowed to leave the computers behind, so you may not hear from me for a couple of weeks. We'll be fishing and swinging through a rain forest jungle, birding, hiking and generally lazing around. I encourage you to visit our archives in the meantime. Various "labels" that are tied to each post and they are "searchable" key words -- all listed in the sidebar. Scroll down a bit and click through on any word to view all the posts tagged with that label. Happy reading!

You will find that the words of Purple WomenTM Contributors past are still very relevant to our current experience as childfree women today. Perhaps one of them will inspire you to a post of your own.

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LauraS said...

Enjoy your well-deserved vacation sans computer!!
Happy Anniversary!

Steve & Stepher said...

I'll definitely see if I can whip up something for the Women of Purple.

BTW, I'd love to have a badge if that's possible.


Anonymous said...

Arg! I meant to make the word "email" a link so you can actually email me. My email is posted on my Profile. Sorry to ask you to do this second step, but it would not be wise to post an email here.

Look forward to your guest post S2! I encourage you to do it on a travel bug topic. I've always wanted to have a series of travel tips for adults not toting kids.