April 08, 2007

Be a Good Bunny. Donate your eggs!

Inspired by my fellow Purple Women™ contributors, I recently started building my Living Childfree Squidoo Lens.

I was very amused to log on to my lens a few days later and find that one of the Google Ads that had been chosen for my lens was an appeal to "donate your eggs!"

I had to laugh. Maybe it was because it was Easter. I don’t know who or what decided that a childfree lens would be the perfect place to solicit egg donations. It certainly would not have been my choice for an affiliate for my lens but I must admit it was thought provoking, and giggle inducing.

I confess donating my eggs is not something I have ever considered. My curiousity piqued, I googled "egg donation" and found that egg donation is, apparently, big business. Then I found an informative article posted on the New York State Department of Health site titled "Becoming an Egg Donor."

According to this article, prime candidates for egg donation are aged between 21-35. It also helps to have a good medical history. You will be required to take fertility drugs (usually injected) to stimulate egg production and when the eggs are ready to harvest you will undergo a "minor surgical procedure called transvaginal ovarian aspiration."

Ouch! Reading this, I began to have a bit of penis envy. If I were a guy who wanted to donate some sperm it would be so much easier; I imagine a win/win situation involving a playboy magazine and a measuring cup.

However, I can’t imagine donating my eggs. If my best friend was infertile? Perhaps. But not for money, not because I wanted, or needed, a gene legacy.

Would you?

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Robin said...

If it weren't so damn difficult I would, if someone really truly wants to have kids that badly I don't mind helping.

M said...

I admit this has appealed to me in those times when I really could have used the money (donating eggs pays very well). But, since I don't believe in contributing to overpopulation, especially when adoption is possible and so many children need homes, I would never be able to do this in good conscience.

Anonymous said...

Under no circumstances.
There are too many kids in foster care in need of stable, loving homes. I would love to live in a society that values placing these kids in good homes vs. the "need" to pass on a genetic legacy.

biodad said...

Read this and you will never think about donating your eggs again:


Strawberry Muffin said...

No, because it sounds like a painful procedure that damages the body and because I don't want some random person raise my kid. Too freaky.

That Loud Feminist Chick said...

A friend and I tease each other every time we see an ad for this in the local newspaper. We have talked about it, but I could never actually do it. I couldn't add to the population knowing that there are 100 times the number of orphans sitting, waiting for parents.

I read the article in Elle that Biodad posted. Just. Yuck. No way, no how.

Amy said...

I actually did this - twice in the early 90s. Both were 100% anonymous. Both were successful; twin boys and twin girls. The reason? When I first found out it was possible, I became intrigued. I read about all the women who wanted a child more than anything in the world. I don't want children, can't imagine feeling that, and felt like I was literally sitting with this gift of healthy, viable eggs. The process was easy considering...and the money was a nice bonus. I am very proud I did it and it was a good thing for me. Obvioulsy not for everyone, but good for me.

AthenaMarina said...

It did cross my mind at one time in the past - to do it.
But there are a few things:
Above all, my genes suck!
In fact, I don't even know my birthfather so I don't know WHAT (bad OR good) is on that half!
What else?
I am a bit phobic of hospitals even though I HAVE had an operation before (nothing serious!) and it went very well.
Also the overpopulation thing and the state of the world (increasing terrorism and depleting resources and climate change do I really want to bring a child into that?!)
Plus there's possibly
not knowing that child.
Maybe it's different as an egg doner to say this guy I dated who was a sperm doner (!!!)
Maybe not.
My birthmum (due to the way adoptions were done in those days)
didn't know even if I was still alive until I was 21.
It caused her a GREAT deal of suffering.
I don't wanna risk that.
I respect those of you who've done it or who would do it and I understand your reasons too!

Anonymous said...

Very interesting post, and, um, so timely with the Easter holiday.

I don't think I could trust anyone else to raise my bio-child.

Thanks to everyone for leaving your comments on this topic!

Tanya said...

Fertility drugs?

No thanks.

Bloggeroo said...

Very interesting and informative article. For those interested in donating eggs, I have put together a directory of every fertility clinic and egg donation agency in the US.

donate eggs said...

i think egg donation is a great thing you help both people, you get cash for donating eggs and the other person gets to have a baby