April 19, 2007

iVillage Thank You!

Last year, our women-centric blog was accepted for potential blog syndication by BlogBurst. I was excited for the honor, then nothing much happened.

The way it works is that your blog's content has to be approved as worthy by the editors at BlogBurst, then online publishers who participate in their program view your material through a special portal where they can search by region or topic.
More and more newspapers are participating across the country and some publishers, like iVillage, are online exclusively.

The top 100 syndicated blogs get paid. We're not on the leaderboard yet, but I am pleased to report that for the last two months we have been picked up by iVillage in our first actual syndication. We made their short list of interesting blogs by, for, and about women featured on their front page. This is where some of our new voices have come from. No time to take a nap ladies! Let's get bloggy with it!

Thank you iVillage for making childfree women a part of your online community. iVillage covers everything from pregnancy to what to wear at your second wedding. You see gals, we really are an important part of the village. A healthy village has all kinds of people in it, even Purple ones.

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