April 19, 2007

Deep Purple

The most fun on the job I ever had was managing a swim school for children. I only did it for two years and I still cannot go to that part of the Bay without recognizing a former student and parent. That's a nice feeling.

So when an opportunity to support families with children presented itself, I acted upon it. The local school district is in dire need of substitute teachers. The school board approved an emergency certificate to be issued to aid in recruitment.
I was given a TB test and they sent me down to the police department for a full set of prints and an FBI and DOJ background check, all of which I passed with flying colors. A bachelor's degree is required and I must take proficiency tests in the 3Rs (and pass them) within a year.

The true test is tomorrow. Tomorrow, I am going on my first assignment: Title I, second grade. Seventy-five percent of the children at this school are second language learners and/or economically disadvantaged. Tomorrow, other people's children (OPC) will be more important than anything else. I will certainly get my "kid fix".

Wish me luck!

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Anonymous said...

Best wishes on this new chapter! I think it's great that you will be subbing in an underserved school;those kids will love you!

Looking back, some of my favorite teachers/subs were all childfree...they seemed so focused and right there with us. Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Cool. Well, I made it through the day, thanks to the absent teacher's detailed lesson plan. (I had actually never seen one before!)

I was teaching ELD all day. Stands for English Learning Development, i.e. good ol' fashioned READING! I got to experience grades K through 5th grade all in one day...

...and I survived, but now I need a nap!

gtr said...

Good luck with the adventure! I substitute taught for a couple years, and actually miss the kid contact now that I'm "fully employed" elsewhere. I always had good luck with considering myself a "guest" teacher, with interesting new stories, etc to share.

Kids are naturally curious, and were usually hooked by a "good morning" in a foreign language or a riddle written on the board for when they first come into the room. Reinforces your status as someone interesting or exotic, rather than someone to push around (as some kids gleefully think they can do with subs). Enjoy!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Good luck on that assignment!

Anonymous said...

GTR - Nice to meet you. I have chickens too! Really like your blog. So glad you found us. Thanks for the encouraging words. I am reading a couple of books on the subject because I really want this to work for me. I am willing to put some genuine effort into it.

Captain Picard - How is the galaxy fairing these days? Are we making a difference here on Earth with all our talk of global warming and Earth Day awareness efforts? So glad you stopped by our Purple Space and left me a message.

It is good to be exploring new frontiers.

Elise said...


Wow...you teach, too? How awesome! 8^)

Hope it's going well!

LauraS said...

What a great contribution! I, too, had some great childfree teachers. I know you'll be terrific. Lucky kids!