April 24, 2007

Public Health

Reproductive Rights are a matter of public health. To reproduce or not, affects entire families and communities -- not women alone. Policy in this area is set at the highest level and monitored closely by our highest court's decisions. Are you tracking them?

Purple WomenTM and Men will be pleased to know that last month, Eric Keroack resigned as head of Family Planning, a division of the Department of Health and Human Services here in the U.S. He was a presidential appointee, and simply the wrong man for the job. Public pressure, much of it right here in the blogosphere, contributed to this turn of events. I first posted about this back in February: Reproduction Choice and How to Defend It. Read Gloria Feldt, a fellow at the International Leadership Forum Post, to keep up with the latest on these issues and rights, which need vigilant defending and vocal advocates.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is cause to break out the champagne. As we get older, it is no less important to celebrate our advances -- in our causes, not our age!

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