May 23, 2007

Big News & Help Wanted

I have decided not to write the book, Purple WomenTM. After investigating the costs and the prospects, I have determined that publishing a book is not a luxury I can afford. Online publishing is more cost-effective, and if done correctly, has the potential to reach a larger audience. I am satisfied with this blog as my contribution to the childfree realm and I will endeavor to keep it going and make it the best I can. Toward that end, I ask for your help on...

How to improve this blog?
What topics most appeal to you? What new topics would you like to see? How did you discover us? How can we reach out to help more childfree women discover us? What do you like most about this blog? The least? Feedback on any or all of these questions would be most appreciated.

I am still rebuilding our already, crowded sidebar after making the cross over to Blogger's new version. I stare at this blog so much, sometimes I cannot see what's obviously missing. Today, I added back the GeoVisitors link that allows you to click through and see what part of the world our readers are checking in from. I like to try and guess who I know in that country. I don't know many people in Iran, but my Uncle does live in Tahiti. If you like this tool, just click on the link I've provided and put it on your site.

I’d like to see our Contributor ranks fill-out again. In particular, we have not heard from the 50+ group of women who have traveled the childfree path. Their voices have been missing. It would also be great to have a Canadian, a Brit, an Auzzie, moreover, English-speaking Purple WomenTM regardless of ethnicity or nationality represented here. Your perspectives and experiences would be most welcome. We have had one parent, and a couple of men write for us in the past. Thanks again to all our contributors. You know who you are!

A good way to test the waters is to become a Guest Contributor. Guests Posts should be 500-words or less. It can be one-time only or more than once. Regular Contributors commit to being a regular voice in this space, and actively participate in the leading the dialogue by making comments, regardless of who is posting. I'll post the Contributor Guidelines later this week. No. It doesn't pay, but then, this blog is not monetized.

Lisa, one of the founders at BlogHer, has assured me they now have a program for non-mom ads that are simply geared towards women. Planning to give it a try. We may not all be moms, but we are still shoppers. I have been wary of placing any robot-generated ads in the sidebar, like Google AdSense, as I fear they will pick up on the word "child" and we'd get diaper ads -- ahhhhrrrrrg!

Stay tuned for these changes and more improvements to come. If you have an idea, please post a comment here or send me an email. My thanks in advance, and I hope to hear from you.

Teri Tith
Blog Owner/Author
Purple Women & Friends

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twiga92 said...

I'm currently reading the book Women without Children by Yvonne Marie Vissing. So far it is pretty good. I can send you a review about it when I'm done.

Anonymous said...

That would most excellent Madame Twiga!

Thanks for offering.

M said...

I'd like to see more about workplace issues. Also, if possible, some activism (in that area and other areas). I think using the blog as a way to unite and work toward some changes rather than simply as a forum (where sometimes we "preach to the choir) would be awesome. I think working for childfree friendly policies in the workplace and elsewhere or discussing strategies on how to get deal with some of those issues would be great.

But, of course, you're doing a wonderful job already, as well.

jules said...

Hi there Teri!
I think I found something interesting - and it dovetails into what *m* said above... there's quite an interesting article in Macleans Magazine (Canada's version of Newsweek) - on the growing trend for child free women in Canada...
Making Moms


Anonymous said...

I just need to hear more often about older women who have made this choice and don't regreat it. I come here when I'm feeling alone and like an outsider. I need to see that I'm not necessarily making the biggest mistake of my life as many people seem to indicate.

LauraS said...

There's some great ideas here. As a contributor I really value your feedback and suggestions.
Thanks a bunch everyone!

Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous Commenter,
I agree. There was to be a section in the book called Portraits of Purple Women, where childfree women of the previous generations can tell their stories and plans for their golden years.

I don't see why I can't do it right here on this blog. I may even recruit women who read this blog to interview their friend and send inthe profile as a tribute with a digital picture. May have to get over being shy or leave out a few details to protect people's privacy. It would be nice to be able to post a nice picture of a real person though...I can always dream!

I know so many childfree women. If they could tell their stories here, how many other young women and peers could it help, to see what lies beyond, how they have handled difficult situations, their retirement? Surely that goal would be worth giving up a little anonymity. I don't want all the interviewees to be my personal friends. The series of Portraits should have a broader reach, perhaps global?

I make no money on this blog, so I cannot spend money on travel, I will have to use my online networks. Hmmmm...the thinking cap is on now.

Ongoingly said...

I am thrilled to have found this blog! I am an elementary school teacher and would love to see more about Purple Women teachers. I agree with m, I think this blog would be a great way to unite and share ideas that could work towards educating those around us about the issues and ideals of childfree women. I know that I am very outspoken about my choice but it's taken me about 20 years to get comfortable speaking about it! I love the idea about book reviews as well. Also more about childfree singles...Thanks so much and keep blogging!