May 09, 2007

My Plans for Mother’s Day

My mom lives in another country. My husband has an invitation to attend the Players Championship PGA tournament in Florida. So I will be alone and I will have a free day to myself on Sunday, May 13.

Mother’s Day.

What does a temporarily single childfree woman do on Mother’s Day?

Answer: Whatever she likes.

A free day with no looming deadlines, no dinners to cook, no appointments, no commitments. What’s not to love about that?

Here are some possibilities:

Golf. Those desirable tee times will be easier to get. The Dads will be tied up treating Mom to lunch.

A date with Dr. McDreamy. A marathon of recorded Grey’s Anatomy episodes I’ve been too busy to watch.

Pulp fiction. A welcomed change from the usual nonfiction books and articles that make up my research.

Retail Therapy. The stores will be quiet and I can wind my cart leisurely through TJ Maxx looking for bargains. Or check out the new books at Barnes and Noble.

A long bath and pampering time. Time to dig out that pumice stone out and get my feet ready for sandals.

What will you be doing?

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MotherPie said...

I'll be pampering myself, too... doing a little museum-ing... What country does your mother live in???


Teri said...

Laura -- It's Mc-Dreamy!

My Mom is out of state too. I sent a small token of my affection and a card that will make her laugh today.

As for my other Moms, My Special Mom (don't call her step-Mom), and my Adopted Mom, tokens are on their way. I wish I could have that moment back when my birth mother and my maternal grandmother were still here and living close enough to me to take them out to a proper Mother's Day Brunch at the El Encanto in Santa Barbara. They teased each other the whole time. I was miserable, as I thought it was my job to help them get along. I vowed to never do that again. Silly me.

LauraS said...

Motherpie--My mom's in Canada. I'm in the States. We haven't had a mother's day together in over 17 years, sad but true.

Teri--Yes, Thanks, I'll make that change. I also spotted another typo.