May 02, 2007

Fare Thee Well

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The voices of 16 Purple WomenTM and a few Purple Men have been featured on this blog since it's inception on September 2, 2005, including eight regular contributors and dozen or so Guest Contributors.

This blog has connected you to two very unique Purple WomenTM, Debi Martin, who blogs as Twiga92, and Robin. They have taken their leave from us as Regular Contributors, but you can keep in touch with them on their personal blogs (invitation only in the case of Ms. Robin) and dialogue with them here as I am sure they will be keeping in touch, possibly sending in a burning Guest Post from the front lines from time to time.

Three cheers for Twiga (means: giraffe in Swahili) who joined us in March 2006. She has been a contributor with us for an entire year, publishing 23 posts from a childfree Christian perspective. Debi grew up overseas as a missionary kid, born in Asia and graduating from high school in Kenya. She is married, has two cats, and loves books, scrapbooking and the occasional geo-cache adventure, all of which she continues to blog about prolifically on her four other blogs. One of her best posts for Purple Women & Friends, if best can be measured by the number of heart-felt comments, was her post titled: Being Christian and Childfree on May 25, 2006. Thank you Miss Twiga for the contributions you made this past year in our childfree space.

Also, thanks and best wishes to Robin (a.k.a. hismuse on MyBlogLog), our youngest contributor and a blushing bride about to become a Purple step-parent. Robin made a big impact in just six months with our team, contributing fourteen posts and generating quite a few comments in that short period. She truly came with her own blog posse as she was already an avid blogger contributing on more than one team blog when she joined us. Her post with the most comments was Fence Sitting published on August 25, 2006. A mother of two furkids, and a non-practicing Jew, you can keep up with Robin on her personal blog: The Road Less Unraveled, powered by WordPress. Thank you Robin, and congratulations on your engagement!

You can find the volume of posts contributed by these two ladies by clicking on their name under the Label section in the sidebar. If you're new to this blog, they'll still be fresh as a daisy.

Well done ladies! Keep on blogging!

On that note, if you are interested in contributing a Guest Post, or considering a longer term assignment with us, please send Teri an email. We have a few openings.

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1 comment:

Robin said...

PW has meant a lot to me and I've come so much farther in my journey by posting on here.

I want to add another childfree step I made today -- I got the Mirena inserted. Not only am I all set to not get pregnant for 5 lovely years but I also experienced being dilated and never want to go through that EVER again!