June 19, 2007

Contributor Guidelines

Purple Women™ Team Blog
Contributor Guidelines
Mission Statement
The purpose of the Purple Women™ team blog is to…
• Create a community of online friends
• Manifest a socially significant dialogue about being childfree, and…
• Unite Purple Women™
• Dispell myths about who and what we are in society, our institutions and families.

The Team
Purple Women™ blog team members, Regular Contributors, are childfree women -- all! Our ideal team is diverse in opinion, age and background, and fluent in English. Team members have responsibility for introducing topics by publishing original blog posts, and participating in discussions (commenting on other’s posts).

Some turn-over is expected. Blogging is not for everyone, and sometimes you don’t have as much time as you think, but hopefully being a contributor will become a habit and a hobby you enjoy. Becoming a Guest Contributor is also an option.

How Often? Posts vs. Comments
Regular Contributors are encouraged to post – on a weekly basis, once or twice a month at a minimum. At the very least, please keep up by reading and commenting on other’s posts. The goal of this blog is to have fresh content on a weekly basis, a minimum of 2-3 posts per week. More is okay too. Fresh content keeps our reader’s attention.

You may want to subscribe to the blog using the Feedblitz form in the sidebar. That way you will be notified of new posts by email when they appear on the site. Only the first paragraph will appear in the email, and only once a week on Fridays.

Dialogue is the goal, and comments brings value to readers and enlighten us all to different perspectives. Participating in the online discussions via commenting is just as important as original posts (and they take less time to create!).

Before you put up your first post, make sure you know where we’ve been, from an editorial standpoint. You can view the previous posts by searching by Topics, found in the sidebar. If you want to do a “Book Review,” just make sure it hasn’t already been covered by another contributor!

Here are some ideas for posts:

• Famous PW
• PW in the news
• Answer to: “Do you have kids?”
• Role Models
• Choice vs. Circumstance regarding childfree status
• Childfree stereotypes in the media
• Book Reviews
• Telling your parents/friends/co-workers you are childfree
• How you came to be childfree
• Why you are childfree
• What your unique childfree holiday traditions are…
• Religion and the childfree
• Culture and being childfree

The above topics may have been covered, but not from your unique perspective!

Teri Tith is the creator and founder of Purple Women™ and serves as its administrator. Only the administrator can change the settings on the site, i.e.: determine who can post, what kind of comments are allowed (anonymously or not), and how the page looks, etc. Teri manages the tags and the sidebar items, but feel free to make suggestions at any time.

The administrator has access to all blog posts, so if there are typos…they will magically disappear. The administrator will not change your words or your content without discussing it with you first. The administrator cannot alter comments, but can delete them entirely if they are off-color or offensive.

Next Step:
Send Teri an
email if you are interested in becoming a contributor to the Purple Women™ team blog, and send her your topic idea.

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