June 06, 2007

Please Read This

The Purple Woman known as BritGirl really nails it with this quote on her blog this week:

Childfree people do not have to justify their choice not to reproduce, so please don’t ask us “why we don’t have kids.”
Read the entire post here.

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Jill said...

Thanks Teri for posting this link. I like the point about CF people not requiring "tolerance" because we're not abnormal or less than those who have kids.

I just want to say thanks also for having this blog. It's often quite difficult being CF in a world where children are everywhere and motherhood is valued often more than womanhood. The support here helps me feel better and secure in my decision because I'm not the only who knows that children are not the right choice for me.

Britgirl said...

Hey Teri - Thanks for posting the link to my post and for your comment!
And to Jill - you're definitely not alone.

frieda said...

I really appreciated this post too. Thanks britgirl! That point about tolerance is so true. That raises my hackles every time. What a bunch of ptooey.

I'm so grateful to find others who feel like me.

LauraS said...

I don't mind when people ask why I don't have kids. I embrace it as a teachable moment.

Childfree Chick said...

BritGirl has a really cool blog...thank goodness for her and you cool purple chicks! :-)

Britgirl said...

You are too kind Childfree Chick. Thank you! :0