March 08, 2006

Mest -- The Mother Gene?

Twice in one week, I've come across reference to a clinical study done to see if there is really a "mommy" gene and if some of us are just missing it. It's a stretch to say that little white mice correlate directly to human females, but it always has been and scientists keep using them.

The author of "Baby Not on Board" (the first book reviewed here back in December) has a blog and she posts this about it. Geneticists

I particularly like her childfree Hall of Fame concept!

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ChrisR said...

I am repeatedly told that my 'biological urges' will eventually override my rational choices and make me want to have kids (I am not a walking uterus, boys and girls).

Now you're telling me the decision not to have kids is a genetic defect? Wow, people really do want it both ways.