March 24, 2006

Project Update: Reverse Links to PW

Global thanks to Married No Kids Editor Kim Kenney for posting our first (that I am aware of) reverse link. She really puts up some good content and I am thrilled to be included in her list of resources: Married No Kids Resources Page (scroll down the page, it's alphabetical).

The number of websites that link to Purple WomenTM , is an important factor in increasing our rankings in free online searches such as Google. If you have a blog or a website, and it feels appropriate, please consider add a link back to PW.


twiga92 said...

I have a page on my personal website where I list various links (book sites, scrapbooking, etc.). I have Purple Women under my Childfree links.

Anonymous said...

Thank you Twiga!

Anonymous said...

There's lots of room in the fiction and literature arena for PW to be represented (acurately please!). This may be what's next for me after I get this non-fiction project out the door.