March 12, 2006

Where Do They Find The Time?

Many times I overschedule myself. Yesterday was busy with church, boxing and cabaret activities, then today, I was busy for most of the day. I know many men and women who live lives crowded with work, play and everything else and they have kids at home. I wonder how they schedule what they have to do and deal with their children, too.

I could never see how to mesh my life with that of children. I look at the challenges I have with my job, finances, as well as all the interests I pursue. It's hard for me to see how to mix the two. It appears to be impossible, yet many try and seem to be frustrated and tired all the time.


twiga92 said...

I find that I get stressed out very easily if I have too much on my plate. I am an introvert, which means that I need my alone time in order to re-group. That is one of the reasons that I don't want to have children, as I feel like I would be too overwhelmed.

NikkiJ said...

How do they do it? With a lot of difficulty for many. And, as you can probably imagine there is very little "I" in the equation. It's all about the kids - or the kids and the husband (aka bigger kid). A good friend of mine with two small children and a very good career has one evening in the week "off" meaning she can have a few hours to meet up with friends etc. When we get together for a drink and a meal, or to go the cimema, it really is her "time off" and she feels she is fortunate. But she does have a live in nanny who she is able to ask to stay a little later on her time out eveing - that makes a big difference. She can do Saturdays sometimes, but not very often. It's a schedule I've no interest in having for myself and as I've told her... I couldn't do it. I have eyes to see what having children entails - no thanks.

ChrisR said...

Funny how the 'kid burden' still falls primarily on the woman. Yet another reason why I'm going to keep saying NO.