November 06, 2006

About Alphagirl

AlphaGirl is a former Reqular Contributor to Purple Women & Friends (PW). The post titled Maria is her second Guest Contributor piece. After many years in the corporate sector, she is now among the insanely happy folk who work from home. When not shaking down medical insurance companies for re-imbursements, you can find AlphaGirl on the local trails, training for the L.A. Marathon. Her childfree activities include many hours of advocacy, and has been a keynote speaker at several childfree-related activities over the years. After a period of time away from the fray, AlphaGirl has jumped back in, and pleas, cajoles, and rants in a variety of online childfree communities. Her latest post is a departure from her usual rowdiness, but it also shows that even a Ranty McRanty like herself has a soft spot. She shares this about her two furbabies:

"These are my sweet boys, and yep, they’re my “kids”. They are both loving, well-adjusted lap cats. I have had them each since they were four months old; both of them got off to a precarious start (both had been abandoned) but began to blossom into the little guys they are today. They have taught me so much about unconditional love, and are such a sweet presence in my home. Ever since childhood, I have wanted a large menagerie of animals, but two is a more manageable group! I love these boys, and I’m honored to be their guardian and caregiver. We have been through a lot together over the years, and they are my little treasures."

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AlphaGirl said...

I forgot to mention their names!
Dustin, 16, is the big fluffy guy, and Albert, 13 is the marmalade kitty.
Bad mommy, Bad!

Anonymous said...

Ha, ha! Yeah but which one is which and how DO you tell those two apart?

AlphaGirl said...

=) Albert is a Manx(tailess)kitty, and Dustin, well, he's just huge and he has extra toes ^..^

Robin said...

Sweet furkids...mine bring me so much happiness it's difficult to even express it. Although I wish mine were more "lap kitties" as they love their own space. I guess I can understanding wanting space.

AlphaGirl said...

I love your kitties' names, Aurora and Pilot...very original. ^..^
I would love to hear the story behind their names.

The lap thing is fun, except for when both boys want to be in the lap at the same time...then a wrestling match ensues and mom here says "Enough!" =)

AthenaMarina said...

Those kitties are SO YUMMY! I don't mean I want to eat them - you know what I mean!!
I think when hubby & I get a home of our own we will have a furbaby of our own.
I had one for 18 years!