November 02, 2006

The Fixed Kitty

Omigosh, in an attempt to find Purple WomenTM in my new surroundings, I searched the string of terms "SF Bay Area + No Kidding + childfree" and discovered this really smart, articulate, childfree podcaster who goes by (do you love it?) a pod handle: The Fixed Kitty. Found zip in terms of local chapter activity, except for a string of conversation on a forum wondering what happend to the SF Bay chapter and why is was not more active.

No Kidding! is the
international social club for married and single people who are childfree, regardless of the reason. I was very involved in the local chapter in Toronto, Canada. They put on the Child-free Festival (I know, they should lose the hyphen...), and last year it was in Toronto. The rumour is that the next one will be in Las Vegas (again) next summer.

The Fixed Kitty was a great find, however, and in episode 27 she touches on how Halloween has gone wrong, (who knew there is an adult space vs. child space segregation happening?), and great Brit wit movie/literature find, and takes a knock at subsidized child-rearing in France all in one podcast. Her blog is called An Adult Space Child Free Podcast (yes, she needs to collapse the words child and free so others can find her, but enough from my pulpit).

Apparently, the French TV Channel 5 recently aired a movie called "Le Choix de Mocha" (translation: The Choice of Mocha). Another interesting portrayal of childfree (we're evil) from a socialist country that subsidizes child-rearing. Please tune in, and if you know someone in France, ask them if they have seen this movie. We need some feedback on this one!

I insisted Tom listen to it when we had our coffee this morning. Miss Kitty's original thoughts and melodic, metered voice were not a bad way to start the day.

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Robin said...

I added the blog to my bloglines!

Clo said...


I'm French and I live in France but I've never heard about this film here in France. I've tried to find it on the internet without success. I'm very desappointed because I'd like to watch it which should be very interesting.
Thank you for you blog which is a breath of air for me and for my choices.

Anonymous said...

Cher Clo - Ahah! You are perhaps having trouble because you are looking for a movie, not a podcast. Think audio, radio, broadcast, podcast. Just follow the link to her page. She has instructions there, but I'll repost them here:

"If you’re new to podcasts, here’s a quick how-to. You can listen to this show on your computer, no device or special software needed. Just click on the orange words (usually “episode #”) at the start of any entry, and if you have a media player, it should play after a few moments’ delay.

Otherwise, right-click on those orange words and “Save target as” to save the audio file to your computer. Any program that plays mp3 files should work (Quicktime, Windows Media Player, movie-playing software, iTunes,etc.).

Finally, while some of the posts have automatic player buttons on
the page, those aren’t working. They’re part of the technical diffficulties I’m fixing, but it may take a week or two."

Enjoy the listen, I do every time!