November 27, 2006

Media Watch

The Environmental Magazine November/December 2006 issue poses an interesting question on its cover: Is There Really a Birth Dearth?

The hard copy version is worth the purchase price as Editor Jim Motavalli gives an incredibly balanced, well-researched story about the politics of population titled Shaking the Baby Tree. If you want a good background prep for topics surrounding world population issues for more skillful maneuvering through those holiday social gatherings grab an issue. It will definitely give you some ammo for folks who think reproducing is a patriotic/civic/religious duty. The online version of the story is only a summary article (500 words).

The December 2006 issue of Bust mazagine, an edgy feminist publication on pop culture out of NY, NY, features a story by Judy McGuire who interviewed me for her story titled Newborn Free (page 66). The Barnes & Noble booksellers in my current habitat does not carry this periodical. I guess it's a little too edgy and fem for this pronatal suburb. I had better luck at Borders in the next town, but they had sent back all the December issues to make room for January 2007 before I could get my hands on a copy.

If you can get one, please let us know how it reads by leaving a comment here! Bust does not publish stories to their website, but you can order back issues as I have done.

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LauraS said...

I appreciate your post. I've been doing a lot of reading on this subject and it's interesting how alarmed people are about the prospect of a "birth dearth." It's true that our world population will level off and begin to decline in the next 50 years.

However, that is less alarming than the prospect of being without fresh drinking water, or farm land, or a job.

If it weren't for global migration North America, as we know and love it, wouldn't exist. My mother's family left post-war Germany to find a better life in Canada. At 19 years old, my husband left the coal-mining town he was raised in to do the same. When our homelands fail to support us, we move on. It's happened before,and it will happen again.