November 29, 2006

Purple Gifts

This holiday season, celebrate your Purpleness (childfree status) by taking charge of how you do the holiday.

Last year, my beloved and I went to the mall on Christmas Eve and strolled slowly hand-in-hand through the frenzied shopping crowd to the jewelery store where we picked out our gifts to each other and wore them out of the store. We had a mid-mall sushi snack and a cocktail at the Rain Forest Cafe (it's not just for kids) and caught the latest Harry Potter movie at matinee prices. As the mall storekeepers were closing their doors, we rode the subway home and prepared a quiet, candle-lit dinner for two.

Except for the kids in our life, nine precious nieces and nephews, my husband and I pretty much have our gift buying wrapped up this year. Instead of buying gifts for each other this year, we are taking a day trip to go skiing with another couple. My plan is to avoid malls like the plague.

I find adults so much easier to buy for. If anyone has ideas for kids between the ages of 7-10 I'd appreciate it. Also, have a few teenagers to consider.

If you are in need of some Purple holiday ideas, here ya go:

Did you know that Purple WomenTM contributors review books on this site? Yep and here is a compilation post of the more than a dozen books in the childfree genre that we reviewed in our first year of publication. May give you some good ideas for yourself or a suspected Purple friend. I've set up a bookstore
with my top picks in the sidebar.

Also, heard from Grandma Purple this week. She has a store with everything purple in it and has given us the gift of a reciprocal link to her site. I think every purple guy and gal should have purple duct tape in their stocking, don't you? No kick-back on this one, just some great purple products by a friend of Purple WomenTM. Could save you a trip to the mall.

Oh, and if you're not afraid of "nipples of mass destruction" and think the body beautiful, check out the calendar my dear friend Sue has been publishing for five years to promote breast health awareness among women (how to care for yourself before a critical diagnosis): Breast of Canada. Sue is Purple too and I met her at the BlogHer Conference '06. She will be featured in the Portraits of Purple Women section of the book I am writing. Apparently
, her calendars are flying out the door, so pony up soon!

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AlphaGirl said...

Hi Teri-
Kids 7-10 are hard to buy for; they're moving into the tween phase where they still like some toys, but not all. Best bet: check with their folks and see what's on the kids' wish lists. If you get a gift from the kids's wish list, it will be far more appreciated and will show that you had really thought it through, and the gift will most likely be utilized. Have fun with it! =)
Teens are easy to shop for. Gift cards! They may seem impersonal, but teens(and tweens for that matter) are very particular and specific about what they need/want. A gift card gives them the option of chossing exactly what they would like. A gift card for a merchant geared toward their interests is seventh heaven to a teen or tween. If you're really close to them and see them often, a hand-made "coupon" for things like a day to hang out, homework help, etc. are also fun. You might also want to consider a donation to a teen's favortie charity; some teens will have pet causes or charities...A couple of years ago, I made a donation to PETA in honor of a friend's teen was her favorte charity, so she really got a kick out of it. I also gave her a gift card for the local organic mart since she is a vegan.
Anything sincere and from the heart will be appreciated. Tweens and teens are my favorite age group, so shopping for them is fun.

I would also like for us to think about tweens and teens when shopping for Operation Santa Claus, Toys for Tots, etc. Many of these kids are in foster care and are forgotten at xmas in favor of younger kids. Best buy is participaing in Toys for Teens this year. Donations can me made online or in-store.

Teri said...

AlphaGirl - Great suggestions all. Thank you for reminding me to think beyond my own family in this "giving" time of year.

I will certainly pick up the phone and ask parents for suggestions for all the younger kids.

For the tweens and teens as you so aptly defined them, gift cards it is...or maybe even a check. I will continue to send them as long as they send me a thank you note telling me what they intend to buy.

My mother-in-law was always so generous at Christmas time. She loved to give her adult kids kitchen gadgets, clothes, and personalized stationary. I may continue the stationary gift to her grandkids as a tribute to her.

Anonymous said...

yep it looks great spending time with loved once

AthenaMarina said...

Re. celebrating your way! Love that!
Last year I went to Las Vegas for Christmas. This year hubby & I are going to Salzburg to have a white Christmas and go on a horse & sleigh etc. Some years we just have the two of us (neither of us are in our home countries!) and he cooks the meal! Another time I went out with my ex flatmates and we had an amazing meal in a luxurious restaurant. There are SO many options for the childfree re. Christmas in the sense that you don't HAVE to do it how everyone else does cos the KIDS want that! I will go "home" for Christmas for a visit soon but my folks who now have "empty nests" and are fine about it! travel a LOT including over Christmas! And I say good on them!
I did all my Christmas shopping when we were in Egypt this October cos I hate very crowded malls. Maybe I'll do next year's Christmas shopping at the Christmas market in Salzburg!

LauraS said...

I like the donation idea for kids 7-10. Give them cash on the promise that they find a way to use it to help others. Oprah did a "pay it forward" show where she gave everyone in her audience $1000, a video camera and gave them a week deadline to spend them money helping others and make a video on their efforts. The follow up show aired last week and many of the audience members had involved their children, and the kids loved it!
I've also made donations in my friend's kids honor to The Heifer Project which sends livestock to needy families in developing countries.