November 03, 2006


Some might see my love and attention towards my 2 cats as being a replacement for motherhood but to me that is a very black and white way to look at it. For one thing I think while the feelings for pets may be very similar to the feelings towards children obviously pets and humans have a lot of differences.

I've alwa
ys loved cats a lot but that's not to say I love all cats. When I went to pick up my cat Aurora from a friend who's cat had a litter I wasn't thinking of it as a need to nurture or raise a little being. To me I just like to have cats around, I like their personalities and I find they make everyday life a little better.

If having my cats meant I had to bring them to school everyday and help them with their homework every night I am sure it wouldn't be for me. I love how independent cats are and how little they require from you. I like how I can bond with them and help take care of them without it taking over my entire life.

Maybe I think of them as my children because to them I am the closest thing to a mother than they will ever know. Not much in this world fills me with such happiness as realizin
g how much my little furkids love me and need me.

We've been having a lot of emotional problems with our girl cat Aurora as she's been attacking the boy cat Pilot constantly. This all started when we moved to the new house and started letting them outside. Then the other day I was sitting on the couch when Aurora came to sit
next to me. Aurora actually sat on my lap and looked up to me with her big beautiful eyes. I wanted to cry because she'd only done this maybe two other times in her life.

I look at my little furkids and love how I've watched them grow up and take on very strong personalities. I think one of the best parts of it is I can ignore them for hours on e
nd doing my own thing and nobody will report me for being a bad mother.

Maybe also calling my cats my furkids is a way of letting the public know that I love my cats as others love their children. That these cats will most likely be the closest thing to children I ever have and quite honestly that kind of love is immeasurable.

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Teri said...

Robin - Hey, great job on picking up with our furbaby theme of late. How 'bout some names with those cute pictures?

I also have two cats, Vladimir and the Sausage Kitty. They will both be featured here eventually. I just have to cleverly work them into a post re: childfree!

Maybe my cat will write about me...?

Robin said...

I think I mentioned the names Aurora and Pilot. There are links attached to both of those pictures with more pictures.

alpahgirl said...

What beautiful kitties! Their little personalities reallyl show up in the pictures.Very, very sweet!

Computers said...
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Movies said...
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Teri said...

Eek, we've been spammed. I had to delete two comments. Blog on!

Teri said...

Robin - You are quite right, I ready too quickly and missed the names. I clicked through on the pictures and got a good laugh at the one of Pilot, um, playing pool.

JC said...

That cat in the box looks cute..

Robin said...

My babies are so fun to take pictures of.

Anonymous said...

I understand how you feel about your cats. I have three dogs and three cast and I love them more then anything, accept maybe my husband. One of the reasons Im hesitant about human babies is I dont want to become one of those awful people who ignores their pets when the baby is born. Also anyone who have kids should see the difference between pets and babies, just about hte only similarity I see is their both cute, and not everyone agrees with me on that. Sometimes I think when someone wants a baby and is talking about how cute and loving its going to be I want to say I think you really want a puppy, not a baby. Of course I never say that.

Robin said...

I tend to want to say that too..."get a pet".

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