December 20, 2006

Meet LauraS

The S stands for Scott.
Laura Scott is the person behind the labour of love she calls The Childless by Choice Project: a research, book and documentary project on those who are childless by choice in North America.

Laura spent two years on a research road trip to ten of the United States and two Canadian provinces interviewing, filming, and surveying over 170 voluntarily childless/childfree individuals.

"As North Americans continue to delay marriage and childbearing, the assumption of parenthood is losing its grip." Laura observed. "What happens when the question 'When should we have kids?' turns to 'Should we have kids?' The childfree show us."

"I wanted to explore, beyond my own experience in a childless by choice marriage, this decision-making process, and to determine the most compelling motives to remain childfree."

Outside of The Childless by Choice Project, Laura's passion is travelling.

"I get antsy if I stay in one place too long. We're always planning the next trip. Which is why we don't have a pet, unless you count our papier mache dog, Spike. It would be unfair and irresponsible to have a dog now when I can barely keep my plants alive."
We are proud to have Laura as a Regular Contributor and as a member of the Purple WomenTM community.

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KaraMia said...

it's too bad women get labled so quickly because they chose not to have a child. Men do not face even half the criticism in the same situation.

Nikeroo said...

So my question is whether or not you consider "being childless" as being something that defines who you are?

Elise said...

What very important work Laura is doing. I can't wait for word about the film's release...

Teri said...

Karamia - Men know how to change a subject quickly..."How 'bout them bears?" It's just a nice way of saying "None of your business", or Don't even go there!"

Nikeroo - To me the term "childless" is powerless. It connotates the absense of something. Childfree is more a state of mind. I went from childless as one half of an infertile couple to childfree, a lifestyle I embrace and make no apologies for. My two cents. Many things define who we are, just ask a demographer.

Elise - Yes, Laura is a dynamo! I want to have a private screening for her movie when it comes out. Wish you lived closer!