December 03, 2006

Meet Twiga

Twiga joined the Purple WomenTM team blog as a Regular Contributor in March 2005.

Twiga’s Journey to Childfreedom:

Twiga and her husband made the decision not to have children when they were engaged. Growing up, she had never really had a desire to have children, something that was talked about when she was a teenager. Her mom had even mentioned that she had never been very "motherly". As she began to fall in love with boys throughout high school and college, she realized that she would probably have children for the sake of the man she loved and married. So throughout these years she assumed that she would have children.

When she and her husband were engaged, the discussion about children came up. Imagine her surprise and delight when he said he didn't really care if he had children or not! They decided to wait before taking any drastic measures such as sterilization, but both were sure this was the right choice for them. At that time, Twiga had never heard the term "childfree" and didn't realize how making the choice to not have children would impact her life.

Many of those who choose not to have children get asked the question why. There is not always a simple answer. For Twiga, the decision had mostly to do with lack of desire. She likes children, but doesn't want any of her own. She enjoys her niece and nephew, but doesn't have to take responsibility for them. She has seen that her introvert nature would not blend well with having children, as well as her low energy levels and independent streak. She also has OCD, which could make pregnancy complicated due to the medications she is on. Financially, she and her husband can not afford children either.

Twiga and her husband have now been married for 9 years. They are as sure of their childfree decision now as they
were 9 years ago, perhaps even more so.

Pet Peeve:

The "you'll change your mind" comment.

Twiga’s Hobbies:

Reading, scrapbooking, blogging, and geocaching. Twiga and her husband are also very involved with their local church and their two cats Storm and Mocha (pictured).

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AthenaM said...

Hi Twiga! Nice to "meet" you and you sound really lovely! 9 years! Congratz!! We are up to 3 years and about 7 months of childfree married bliss. Cats are SOOOO CUTE! One question though, what's geocaching?