December 29, 2006

Reflecting Back on a Year Gone By

I don't do well making resolutions. Generally the excitement of a new year seems to get the better of me and I make grand plans that then fall flat as reality sets in. But a new year is a good time to reflect and make changes, as well as evaluate future goals and dreams. It's also a great time to think back over the previous year and remember highlights and special times. Was it a good year overall?

Some of my memories (good or bad) of 2006:
-Becoming a contributor here at Purple WomenTM
-My mom falling and breaking her hip and having to have hip replacement surgery in Africa
-Meeting my nephew for the first time
-Playing and bonding with my 4-year-old niece
-Going to my mother's family reunion and seeing cousins I hadn't seen in years
-Moving to a new role at work with new responsibilities
-Celebrating 9 years of marriage
-Having the Super Bowl in Detroit, my home area
-Hiding our first cache as part of geocaching
-Starting a monthly scrapbook crop at our church
-Watching my sister run her first marathon

What are some of the highlights of your 2006? Do you have any specific goals going into 2007?

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Teri said...

Twiga Dear -- You have more fun blogging than anyone I know!

My highlights for the year just past:

Being able to say I lived abroad, and loving every minute of being in Toronto, Canada.

Being introduced to Cottage Country in the Ontario's northern stretches and all the fun we had at friend's cottages.

Discovering bike trails of Toronto with my neighbor Mihal, and being treated to her homemade pesto so many times.

Many social outings with the Toronto No Kidding members, especially the monthly Girls Night Out coordinated by Rebecca.

Ladies Only Poker with my childfree friends who enjoy the game.

The 5th Annual No Kidding Childfree Festival, and meeting Cari and Len.

Celebrating one year of the Purple Women blog.

All the Canadian friends that Dave introduced us to, and salsa dancing with Dave.

Fly Fishing for the first time on my birthday.

Finding and releasing my first Book Crossing books on vacation, and finding a nice group of Book Crossers who MeetUp in my new home town.

Celebrating American Thanksgiving in Ohio with Leslie, Glenn and Robert and having Robert say this was the best Thanksgiving ever!

Moving home to California, and having so many friends welcome us back and celebrate our return to my husband's home town.

Meeting my nephew John, who spent the first week of his life in ICU.

Saying goodbye to Peggy, my mother-in-law who was always treated me just like a daughter.