January 27, 2006

Book Review: Smilla's Sense of Snow

Purple Women are in Literature. One of my favorite movies is Smilla's Sense of Snow based on a book of the same title by Peter Høeg, a Dane. I felt fortunate to get my hands on a paperback copy of his book in a local thrift store. I have seen the movie several times and I am always drawn to the strong, beautiful lead character of Smilla Jasperson, played by the stunning Julia Ormond. She looks and dresses like a model and talks like a truck driver -- and as I read this passage last night, I realized she is childfree. You see she has too many barbs for a man to get close to her. Here is the quote:

"Why would the police know anything about my private life? I ask myself: How did the Toenail know that I don't have any children. I can't answer that question. It's just a little question. But the world is always so busy wondering why a single, defenseless woman, if she's in my age group, doesn't have a husband and a couple of charming little toddlers. Over time you develop an allergic reaction to the question."

-- Peter Høeg


Rod Skullcrusher said...

Hi, nice blog. I really like the way you distinguished between a person who chooses not to have children from a person who hates children. There is a big difference. It's good to see someone standing up for the decision to not have a family. I am a man who has made the same decision as you and when I speak with people they seem to think that this is strange. However, I am very happy with my choice. Keep on blogging and sharing your thoughts with the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

RS - Thanks for the track back. Your comment represents two firsts for this team blog: first man to post a comment, and first trackback! I have no idea about the stats on this site as I do not have a counter or other means to get reporting. I am just trying to make it the best darn blog I can by blogging consistently and well. Thanks again for the compliment.

Anonymous said...

I have made "The Question" a link back to my full lentgh article/blog post on the same subject.