January 27, 2006

The Stage of Life

This quote appears below my email signature:
When a woman begins to see her childless state as an opportunity, she is on the threshold of expanding her female identity. -- M. Ireland, PhD

If you are not a mom, what are you doing with your life? I just turned 40 and I am pursuing my writing aspirations. I published my first online article last year on the WikiHow open format website. It's an article on How to Eat an Artichoke. It has been viewed 9,170 times as of today. I ask of other Purple WomenTM reading this blog,

What passion are you pursuing?

This is one of the most important questions I ask in the upcoming Purple WomenTM survey that will be launched next month. You can read more about the project and eventual book I plan to author on the official Purple WomenTM website.

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Boxing Tomboy said...

I have a few. . .I sing, and I'm a member of a cabaret performers organization. Currently, I'm rehearsing for a show I plan to do this spring. I also box, but since I am only one of 30 women in the whole country over 35 years of age who boxes as an amateur, I don't get matches. Instead, I help coach and I work the ring corners for other boxers. I'm also a volunteer with the local roller derby league, and plan to try out for the teams in a few weeks.