January 28, 2006

Poker for Purple Women!

I play in a Ladies Only poker game once a month. I met these great gals through my local childfree social club -- No Kidding! No, that's the name of the international social club -- No Kidding! (Yes, it is proper to include the exclamation mark.) There are more than 90 chapters around the globe. More on this in my next post.

This past year, in reviewing my life (can you tell I just turned 40?), I decided it was very important for me to find friends who reflect me, specifically, friends who have also decided not to have children. Emotionally, I needed this. As a past "fence-sitter" and a woman who discovered that she could not bear her own children, I am now embracing being a Purple WomanTM. I took a long time getting to this point.

When I met Mr. Right I was so nervous to tell him that I could not have children. You see, I already knew that I loved him and my worst nightmare what that it would drive him away. But he kept coming back for more. Before we got married I asked him if I could change my mind later. He told me what I needed to hear at the time. He said we could talk about it and that if having children was really important to him, he would have done it by now. We've been happily married seven years, and I am no longer sitting on the fence.

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