January 24, 2006

Childfree vs. Child-haters

This may strike a nerve with some. I came across this article in a local weekly Detroit, Michigan paper. Let's blog about it and clear the air. The truth is out there.

I made up the term Purple WomenTM, so I get to define it. Purple WomenTM definitely do not hate children. We appreciate them; we are just not planning to have them (nor raise someone else's children).

According to the Centers for Disease Control’s 2002 survey, “Fertility, Family Planning and Reproductive Health of U.S.,” just saying no to kids is becoming a more popular option. Among the 61.6 million women aged 15 to 44 in 2002, 6.2 percent were voluntarily childless, up from 4.9 percent in 1982. Furthermore, the percentage of childless women who expect to have one child in their lifetimes (13 percent) was down by almost half what it was in 1995 (25 percent).



AthenaMarina said...

As you say, you named it, you created it, you get to call the terms - only fair!!

Yes, not all childfree are child-haters, there is apparently a wide spectrum.

I do not hate kids - why would I work with kids and hate them at the same time?!
I love the kids I work with. I love their smiles, their cute faces, they smell delicious, their cuddles, so much about them! I care about them, cherish them, and want them to be safe and happy and learning!
But it's just that I also love going home at the end of a working day to a quieter, more restful house. And NOT being the "responsible" one anymore! Not having to worry about a child/dren any more!

It certainly doesn't mean I hate them! Yes, some child-free people do but as you say, we are NOT all the same! Teenagers, like I said, I'm not fussed on some of them!!! but even so I wouldn't say I hate them!!

Plus, you can't lump all kids together and say their all the same, or all parents or all child-free people!

Re:..."This all bubbled to a media froth recently when the owner of a Chicago café posted a sign in his store, warning that “Children of all ages have to behave and use their indoor voices.” What was intended as a simple plea to parents to keep their kids in line turned into another big childfree debate, sparking stories in The New York Times and dozens of outraged opinion columns on both sides of the issue...."

Well, I agree with the person who put up that sign. In public children SHOULD behave and use their inside voices! WHAT is so wrong with THAT?! When they're out in the park etc. yes they can "go nuts"!!

The issue was not just kids, but also bad parenting; Johnson-Bignotti says not all parents are “breeders.”

Some parents ARE bad parents and some just really don't seem to put much into parenting at all. I mean, they may well put in a lot more than I could imagine!!! But you know, homework not done, the same lunch given every day for a year, a sick child not collected until very late....

And then there are also many wonderful parents out there!

But AS for THIS!

"..Glenn says of the childfree, “If that’s somebody’s choice, that’s certainly their prerogative,” but then quickly adds, “I’m sure they’re more than happy to collect the Social Security benefits from couples who do have children who grow up to be contributing members of society..”

Well, (a) Not all children DO grow up to be contributing members on society! Some grow up to really drain it!

(b) Don't the childfree pay taxes for children e.g. schools?? So it goes both ways!

Anonymous said...

Ahmen to that sister Athena Marina. It is great to have your teacher's perspective on this topic. Thank you.

RMS said...

Very interesting article. It did have a somewhat negative bias toward the childfree, I thought. Not a huge one, but I did feel it there. However, I did like the points about the childfree just wanting to be left alone and respected for their decision. And I agreed with the one lady who mentioned that for the sake of stories, writers tend to dwell on the more controversial aspects. It's the whole "if it bleeds, it leads" idea. If people who have kids and the childfree get along, there's no story! Nobody wants to read about THAT!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, there would be no Purple Women team blog either! I must admit the bias of the writer was refreshing for a change. I sent her an email and told her about PW and the Childfree Festival here in Toronto. Who knows, maybe she'll attend?

I should also say that just because I post something, does not mean I agree with the content. If I think a link or article or story is relevant to our content goals, I will included it. I am more interested in the conversation.

Thank you for leaving your comment!

Anonymous said...

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