January 07, 2006

Child Substitutes

Got pets? Some childfree sterotypes involve the idea of filling in for something that is lacking (kids). I may have my thinking wrong on this, so please feel free to correct me. I am married with two cats, and you? I wonder how many Purple WomenTM have pets they adore and dote on? This is my Vladimir. He and I were a package deal when I met my future husband, Tom. Thank goodness he was not allergic!


AthenaMarina said...

Vladimir is GORGEOUS! His coat is SO soft and silky!!
What can of cat is he?
Hubby and I will probably get a cat in the future. We are not sure about a dog. We DO love dogs but realise they are a lot more work than cats in our humble opinions. We probably WILL get a dog when the time is right for us! I said to hubby, if we get a dog, dogs need walking every day, it's only fair! He said maybe we'll just get a cat! I looked him in the eye and said if you feel like that about a DOG, you better FORGET the idea of KIDS, they're even MORE work!!
(Of course, he's happy being child-free too so he was fine with that!)
Some people are child-free AND
pet-free, some people are child-free with pets so I've heard of both. We want to do a lot more travelling but I'm sure after that we will get a pet, cos we both love animals so much!! But it will be because we want it, NOT for a baby substitute! Cats are more independant than kids anyway!!

Anonymous said...

Athena Marina -- Welcome to the world of Purple Women. I am so happy that you have joined our team blog! I know what you mean about cats vs. dogs. I have a friend, whose kids have left the nest, who really wants a dog, but physically cannot do all the walking due to a foot problem. I am sad for her, but her husband is trying to help her see the light.

Re: kids vs. pets. You are right to point out that it does not have to be one or the other. That's just stereotyping at work. This is the place we get to set things straight!!! I don't like the feeling that something is lacking, or substituting. I find the idea a little offensive.

Truly, I hope that Purple Women who do not have either, know what a gift it is and take full advantage. Of course, I have to point out that a woman who desperately wants children and cannot have them may feel misery in these shoes. I decided not to be that person. To recognize my decision and embrace it --- even though I could not have my own kids. I had to recognize that I could have made many choices that could have brought children into my life, and I declined.

Angela said...

First off, let me just say what a great site this is. I found it today (I think on Google) and I've been reading through the archives and I can really relate to a lot of the posts.

Now about pets: I'm a cat person. My husband and I have two. Unfortunately for me, I'm allergic to them, so I have to take allergy medicine every day and make sure they don't rub my face with their noses. Anyway, a couple of years ago we were thinking of getting another cat, but I was certain I would just die in a horrible fit of sneezing, so I convinced my husband that we should get a dog. So we did. We adopted a chihuahua. Now, let me say right now, we love her to bits and would never dream of getting rid of her, but she has totally cured me of ever wanting kids. Not that we wanted them before we got the dog, but oh my God, I can't think of a better birth control than my Lulu. She's a problem dog. She growls at pit bulls, she wants to bite strangers, if given the chance she will jump on the table and eat off your plate (not that we let her do that, but who knows what will happen if you get up for a refill on that Coke). If having kids is more insanity-inducing than having a crazy chihuahua, then kids are not for me. My husband, however, thinks she's the best dog in the world and wants to get another one! I say he's as nuts as our dog.

Anita D said...

Doting owner of a border collie and black tom cat here. But, they are NOT child substitutes.