February 19, 2007

The Magic of Purple

Guest Contributor,
Kate Smith

Color Expert featured on CBS Morning

Sensational Color
Color: Meaning, Symbolism & Psychology

Color is magical and each color speaks with its own voice. In the same way you have your own personality, each color has its own traits that over time have come to be almost universally recognized. Whether or not you consciously recognize these time-tested characteristics of purple, these qualities make it a good choice to represent women that have chosen a childfree lifestyle.

Since ancient times, purple has been set apart from the other colors of the rainbow. Long available only to kings and aristocrats, this expensive and rare color was coveted and held an allure and mystery that has remained with the hue long after it became available to the masses.

Purple is the color of power and passion; it is a color that evokes valor, self-assurance, imagination and spiritualism. It is the color of people that march to the beat of their own drummer. Is that you Purple WomenTM?

Are you an imaginative, intuitive free spirit who enjoys dreaming of all that is possible in life? Do mundane tasks and keeping schedules bore you? Do you feel bogged down if the humdrum details of life take up too much time? Then you are truly a Purple Woman. Is it any wonder that you didn't find joy in the prospect of juggling career, friends, day care, and neighborhood carpools?

Are you a keen observer of life who can grasp the intangible? If so, then you truly are a purple person who doesn't necessarily have to "see it to believe it." So while you have chosen a life without children, this special quality allows you to respect the decision of others and appreciate the bond between mother and child without having to experience it.

Just as the color purple is the balance of red and blue, you are at your best when you find a balance between your desire for excitement and your need for tranquility in life. When you don't achieve that balance, you may feel especially sensitive or moody. Perhaps you intuitively knew how difficult it would be to balance your needs and that of a child and thus made a choice that honors your spirit.

Purple WomenTM, you set yourself apart from others and consider yourself unique…and you truly are! Acknowledge your uniqueness; love the life you have chosen and embrace your decision to be childfree with the magical passion and power that is purple and purple alone.

About Kate: Kate Smith is a professional color expert, trend forecaster, engaging speaker and founder of Sensational Color (http://www.sensationalcolor.com). Kate works with both corporations and individual clients on using color to create interest in and elicit a favorable response to their products, their brands, their homes or themselves.

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